November CMUG Meeting

There’s an App for that!

As of the 2014 World Wide Developers conference held back in June, there were an estimated 1.2 million applications in the iOS App Store and there are somewhere around 9 million developers creating all these terrific (or no so terrific apps) everyday and there has been over 75 billion downloads since the App Store came online! Yep, BILLIONS!

October CMUG Meeting

This month we have a number of topics to discuss! It seems that we waited all year for something exciting to happen in the World of Apple and now it seems that we have had an explosion of news! Please come join us on our routine 2nd Tuesday evening meeting and contribute to the conversation, there should be something for everyone!

June CMUG Meeting

At the June CMUG meeting we will revisit the recent 2014 Apple World Wide Developers Conference held in San Francisco. Since Apple made this Keynote address available to everyone via live stream, most of you have already watched it and I'm sure that everyone noticed that there was absolutely no new or updated hardware unveiled, none of the normal financial updates, no new store locations revealed, very little mention of the recent Beats acquisition, i.e. brief phone call to Dr. Dre! BUT believe it or not, everyone is praising this keynote as being one of the biggest Apple Keynotes in many years!

May CMUG Meeting

Just what is an “ip address”?

So I’m guessing that you probably sit down everyday in front of your Mac, launch Safari, Firefox or your favorite internet web browser and type in,,, or perhaps “google” a single word or a brief sentence in order to get you where you want to go in this world wide web to retrieve some bit of information that you are looking for. Of course, unlike the early days, you’ve got to dodge the many popups, avoid the phishing and be on alert for all those evil individuals trying to steal your identity and ruin your credit, etc. Anyway, it’s fun, educational and there is nothing, and I mean nothing that you can not find on the internet.

April CMUG Meeting

Our April topic will be Home Automation -
Sometime toward the end of 1880 a fellow by the name of Sir William Armstrong living near Rothbury, Northumberland got to come home from work for the first time and flip on a light switch, thereby illuminating his home with the first household electric light.