April CMUG Meeting

Our April topic will be Home Automation -
Sometime toward the end of 1880 a fellow by the name of Sir William Armstrong living near Rothbury, Northumberland got to come home from work for the first time and flip on a light switch, thereby illuminating his home with the first household electric light.

Learn About AppleTV

At the January meeting we all had a great time demonstrated our favorite iApps for our own iDevices (iPhone/iPad) utilizing the user group’s AppleTV. It was really great fun having members of the group interact and take part in the demo! I know that we all must have added many of those apps shown to our own personal libraries! During the demonstration we also had a few questions about the AppleTV, so what better topic for February then the AppleTV itself!

August 2013 CMUG Websites Mentioned

Our August CMUG meeting began with Tim visiting a number of interesting websites containing all the recent rumors and news concerning Apple, with a few others thrown in. Lots of exciting news! And the stock is climbing again! Hope to see you at our September CMUG meeting on the 10th.

Here's the list:

iOS 7 Coming Soon - Beta 5 Now Available To Developers